Omni-ID's ProVIEW System


Used to replace paper labels in cyclic processes, supply chain operations and dynamic barcode label tasks, the ProVIEW system adds the benefit of an automated, dynamic system with electronically re-writable surface tags plus advanced RF asset tracking technologies. Free yourself from paper driven processes, manual inventories and inaccuracies…one complete solution does it all:

  • “Smart Container” tracks its own history!
  • Increases process visibility (tracks, instructs, reschedules dynamically)
  • Human readable instructions improve material flow
  • Automates inventory
  • Eliminates lost containers
  • No more paper labels and associated costs
  • Only e-label solution on the market created for rugged environments

From materials flow management to work in process, labels, cards or clipboards travelling with assets are essential to convey accurate information and cue a worker to act. Yet the costs of paper based systems in consumables (paper, labels, stickers and ink), labor and potential errors in manually placing the information can be very high. ProVIEW provides the solution you’ve been waiting for!


The ProVIEW system combines the power of active and passive RFID, along with proprietary software and “link” components to provide a complete tracking and dynamic communication solution.

View Tags


At the core of this solution are our View tags. These unique tags are the only e-label tags on the market designed for the rugged manufacturing environment.

  • Standard 2, 3 and 4 inch screen design
  • IP 65 rating (ingress protection)
  • Rugged outermolding – withstands 4’ drop to concrete
  • 100m typical read range active tag
  • Custom options available including screen size, graphic or segmented screens, magnetic switch, LED signal, and buttons
ProVIEW Software

ProVIEW software adds the infrastructure that supports the rewrite on the View tags and the ability to locate assets, provide real-time work in process, inventory and reporting.

  • Local or cloud hosted asset management tool
  • Design your own data structure
  • API interface to integrate with existing software systems
  • Web user based interface for easy set up and deployment
  • Custom applications available
Link Devices

Our Link Devices enable the connectivity and conversation between the tags and systems to enable real-time location, WIP reporting and dynamic message updates to the View tags.

  • Ethernet gateway distributed transceiver
  • USB adapter radio module for use with PC host
  • Directional antennae
  • Server software to drive data from devices
  • Handheld and fixed readers
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