Manufacturing Lean & Green


Do you know where your containers are? We do.

Improving efficiencies in your day-to-day operations (and your bottom line) is as simple as seamlessly integrating auto-identification solutions from Omni-ID into your existing process.

You already provide work instructions on the production floor, track the tools your employee’s use, count inventory in your warehouse and label returnable transport items constantly to better enable your process and build an intelligent supply chain.

Featuring the revolutionary ProVIEW e-Label solution for materials and Process Flow Management – we turn your paper boxes into “smart containers”:
  • Returnable Transport Items (RTIs)
  • Plastic or metal totes and shipping containers
  • Metal cylinders (gas, fuel, beverages or hazardous materials)
  • Mobile racks and parts containers

Don’t forget the impact on the environment by eliminating paper and toner from recurring processes – you can be green and lean and benefit from corporate subsidies and government incentives!

“The ProVIEW system allows us to view accurate, real time WIP inventory – allowing for leaner management of assembly and delivery operations. We always know where our parts and containers are without having to send someone out to look for them!”
– Bradford St. Louis, Whirlpool Corporation
The Technology:
  • ProVIEW system provides integrated hardware & software components
  • Designed specifically for manufacturing and supply chain applications
  • Broad range of tags, labels and encased and visual tags for RTIs, pallets, tools, totes, containers and more
Gain Efficiencies:
  • Automate Inventory – eliminate manual processes and auditing
  • Flexible – real-time process flow tracking with dynamic visual instructions
  • Reduce cycle times – RTI tracking and supply chain visibility
  • Reduce shrinkage – track containers and tool inventory
  • Compliance – create maintenance alerts and automatic reporting for auditing
  • No more paper tagging – save time and costs associated with paper labels
We get it:
  • Our customers come to us because of our industry expertise. We’ve worked to develop logistics solutions for organisations around the globe such as the United States Marine Corps and manufacturing solutions for Whirlpool, Daimler, Bridgestone and others.
“These tags are Marine-proof! We’ve taken these tags to every climate and place and they perform admirably – including being splash tested on our amphibious assault vehicles. Omni-ID’s 100% testing process ensures every tag works right out of the box – that means 100% reliability on Marine Corps and Navy prepositioned assets.”
– Lyle G. Layher, US Marine Corps, Blount Island Command
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