Speedway Antenna Hub

Speedway® Reader Antenna Hub

Impinj’s Speedway® Antenna Hub provides a low cost opportunity to create a large, contiguous RFID read zone with many antennas connected to a single reader. The Speedway Antenna Hub supports up to 32 antennas connected to a single Speedway® Revolution R420 reader for a robust solution to today’s popular item monitoring and other antenna-intensive RFID applications which deliver enhanced business intelligence and customer experience.

Users will benefit from fast, hassle-free installation and deployment with the Speedway Antenna Hub solution which includes antenna virtualization software, GPIO adapter, and an enclosure with LEDs for system feedback.

The Speedway Antenna Hub Delivers

  • Hassle-free operation of 5-32 antennas when connected to a single high-performance Speedway Revolution reader and GPIO Adapter
  • Robust and easy to install design with system level feedback for reliable installations in real world conditions
    • Enclosed electronics board with mounting tabs
    • LEDs for system level feedback
    • Software alerts/health diagnostics
  • All of the performance benefits of the Speedway Revolution reader without the need to learn a new API or make extensive programming changes

With the Speedway Antenna Hub, Impinj makes RFID monitoring applications, including smart shelves, interactive marketing displays, and document or item tracking, cost-effective and easy to deploy.


Impinj Speedway® Antenna Hub At A Glance


4 x 2.4 x 1 in (102 x 61 x 24 mm)


3.5 oz (100 g)

Power Supply

5V provided by the GPIO Adapter

Power Consumption

25mA (80mW) max


RF Input: SMA Female
8RF Outputs: SMA Female
1 Digital I/O: RJ45

Mounting Options

Two 1/4 in mounting holes

Max Input Power

34 dBm

Insertion Loss

1.3 dB (Max)


36 dB (Min)

Return Loss

24 dBm (Min)

Antenna Hub Switching Speed

<200 μs based on hardware design

Device Switching Speed

-25 ms based on Speedway Revolution firmware

Operating Temperature

-40 ºC to +80 ºC

Storage Temperature

25 ºC


5% to 95%, non-condensing

IP Rating



860-960 MHz




RF cable maximum length: depends on environment/region,
typical 1/2 dB per meter signal loss

Digital cable (Cat5) for control, maximum length:

  • 300 ft (100 m) if shielded
  • 100 ft (30 m) if unshielded


Octane Rshell, Speedway Revolution WebUI

Antenna Port Numbering

1-32 on Antenna Hubs
1, 9, 17, 25 on native reader ports


LLRP Tool Kit (LTK), Speedway Development Kit (SDK)

Test Software

MultiReader v6.8 or later

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