Monza R6

 Monza®R6 UHF RFID Tag Chips

Optimized for Retail Environments

The Monza R6 tag chip provides retailers and retail brand owners with the ability to achieve unmatched performance and data integrity. With the introduction of revolutionary new technologies, including automatic performance adjustments, self-diagnostics, and durable construction methods, Monza R6 is a full generation ahead of existing UHF passive tag chips.

With billions of tagged items in circulation and shoppers interacting with products in new ways, it is more critical than ever to use RFID tags with high performance and data integrity when building advanced shopping experiences.

Integra Integra technology is a suite of diagnostics which ensures consistently accurate data delivery that businesses can depend on
AutoTune AutoTune technology automatically adjusts tag performance for best possible readability
Enduro Enduro technology delivers an improved method for constructing high quality, robust tags
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