Container Management

Container Management


The Customer is one of the biggest container manufacturers in the world, currently holds over 40% market share in the international container market, and over 50% market share in the reefer container market. It has more than one hundred thousand containers, which are custom ordered by different customers, stored in its Container Yard. After containers left factory, it is difficult to keep real time tracking of their location and condition during transportation; it is also a time-consuming and error-prone process to locate specified container in the container yard; container yard is not fully utilized because of the incapability of real-time tracking the quantity and location of containers inside the container yard. In order to achieve real time tracking of container from leaving production to transportation until the container yard, the customer chose RFID Solution for Container Management to setup a real-time container logistic management system.


Employs high Performance RFID tag and reader to accommodate harsh metal environment
Unique RFID-integrated forklift with onboard RFID reader helps locating and identifying any designated container.
Enables whole course tracing of containers from production line to transportation until container yard.
Automatic data collection and real-time management system can speed up container transportation process and improve container yard utilization rate
System Components

The main components of RFID Solution for Container Management includes Electronic Tag, Card Issuer, Reader/writer, Linear Polarized Antenna and Integrated Reader. Electronic Tag is a reusable magnetic-attached tag specially designed to adapt metal environment of container production-line and yard; Integrated Reader is resistant to the harsh environment of container yard and designed to be integrated into forklift.

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